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Tim Tebow's Fire

Artist: John Parr

Album: -

Year: 2012

Genre: Rock

Price: $1.99

Release Date: 2012-11-11


I was at the ESPN studios pitching a song I had written for Monday Night Football. By coincidence it was the day that Tim Tebow was announced as the starting Quarterback for the Denver Broncos. ESPN asked me if I would play St. Elmo’s Fire over their segment on Tim. 5 minutes before we went on air they said would I mind wearing a Tim Tebow jersey?

I thought it was fun so I said sure. I started performing the song live and caught a glimpse of Tim on the huge video screen, so I sang Tim Tebow’s Fire. Everybody loved it as it marked a great day. This was almost 3 months ago but the more I watched and read about Tim the more I thought I should tailor the song to him. I completely rerecorded the track – so what you hear is all new 2011 and not the 85 original reworked. A ton of work yes – but I never imagined for one moment that Tim would be exalted to such a high.

- John Parr