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Echo Chamber Episode 58 Recap

By: Rhythm Bastard | Posted 10/08/13


-According to the Bulbapedia, in the cartoon, the Pokedex Entry is "A flame burns on the tip of its tail from birth. It is said that a Charmander dies if its flame ever goes out." Basically, the rest of the entries are "if Charmander is healthy, it's flame will burn brightly", nothing about it's dying except for the one entry from Fire Red: "From the time it is born, a flame burns at the tip of its tail. Its life would end if the flame were to go out."

-Also, according to Bulbapedia, Jeff was right, Lt. Surge does mention fighting in a war along his Pokemon. As speculated, he's from Unova (from Black and White), a region that's been torn apart by war. It also mentioned that he used Pokemon in the war. So this means one of two things:
--1. Pokemon are used in warfare
--2. Lt. Surge is a cheating dick, and used his Pokemon when everyone CLEARLY AGREED to use regular ass guns, which leads to two other speculations:
---A. Lt. Surge is still a cheating dick
---B. Pokemon, as a collective, are like that boy from the Twilight Zone episode with the psychic boy that would zap people to a cornfield.

-Ash's Coma Dream Theory of Pokemon. See also, The Rugrats Theory.

-Ingrid Newkirk's Will, Section 2. Apparently, she is FUCKING METAL.

-The phrase "Money Dollars" comes from this Penny Arcade comic.

-And now, THE WEATHER:

-And now, WAKE UP:

In other podcast news:

Also, the penultimate chapter of Anime Cow Is Late For School:
Anime Cow Is Late For School Part 4: What Has Tobe Done As the school was being destroyed by Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede, and Batman, and Goku and Picillo and Alphonse Elric were fighting him, Anime Cow was still late for school. but at least he finished his toast.

Goku unleashed a Kamehamaea attack and Picillo was doing his special beam cannon, Alphonse Elric said "It's no use! He's too strong!"

"We need Anime Cow and his Mystical Power to help us!" said Goku.

"I'M BATMAN!" said Batman, throwing a batarang.

"You two! Come help us!" said Piccillo pointing at Arcanon and Jeff.

"Yeah, I mean John O' Hurley was good, but- Oh" said Arcanon. "C'mon, Jeff, if we use our Monster: The Dueling cards, we can stop him"

Then Principal Rhythm Bastard and his silky smooth voice came over the loudspeaker: "Just a reminder, even though Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede is attacking the school, Monsters: The Dueling cards are banned from school grounds as they promote gambling"

"Oh..." sighed Arcanon.

"Those damn Kindergarters ruin everything!" yelled Jeff. "I lost 20 bucks to those little bastards!" Suddenly Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede grabbed Arcanon and Jeff and slammed them against the wall using magical restraining energy which he could totally do the whole time. At the last second, Arcanon took off his glasses, and threw them at the Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede. Unfortunately, Batman threw a batarang and knocked them out of the way.

"I'M BATMAN!!!" whispered Batman.

"I can't move!" said Arcanon who was stuck under the magical restaingt magic that Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede had the whole time. "Quick, use my glasses!"

Jeff then channeled the ancient 3000 year old wolf spirit that lived inside him, and his beard reached on to the ground where Arcanon's glasses laid on the floor. His beard picked them up and put them over Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede's eyes. Suddenly, Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede saw a hellish landscape that was so horrible, I could not be bothered to describe it. He recoiled in horror and dropped the two students on the ground.

Arcanon, because he was the smart one, picked up Jeff's bottle of Dewar's, put his tie in it, lit it on fire, and threw it at Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede. He was on fire and was reeling backwards and crashed through a chalkboard.

Just then, Mystakin, who was late to school, but not as late as Anime Cow, went right up to Dark Sephirothe Goku The Stampede's face said The Ultimate Tsundere Insult:

"Hey... You're a Baka Gaijin!"

"OH NO! NOW I AM EMOTIONALLY HURT AS WELL!" said Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede. Mystakin, Arcanon and Jeff high fived each other, but they heard a laugh. "FOOLS! YOU HAVE YET TO SEE MY FINAL FORM!!!"

Suddenly, Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede was 20 feet tall and was glowing green and yellow and blue and was a super buff wizard.

Suddenly, Super Indendent Owen's went on the loud speaker "Attention Students, I will taking over as princibal, as Rhythm Bastard not only lets his students be late to school, but also killed all the kindegarteners and has allowed Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede to reach his final form. ANIME COW WHY ARE YOU LATE FOR SCHOOL?!?"

"Hey DORK Sephiroth Goku The Stampede" said Anime Cow, kicking down the classroom door. "I came here to kick ass and eat toast....

...And I finished my toast!"