New Full-Length Gaming Album Coming Out Summer 2011

(PHILADELPHIA) -- Today, Ozone Entertainment and Buckner & Garcia announced "Ms. Pac-Man Fever", the duo's first gaming-themed album since the original "Pac-Man Fever" was released 30 years ago, will go on sale this summer through digital distribution on Apple's iTunes Service and the Rock Band Network.

"Ozone Entertainment makes amazing things happen," said Owen Douglass, owner of Ozone Entertainment. "Thirty years after the success of their Pac-Man album, we knew it was time to bring the group out of retirement for a new generation of gamers. With this alongside getting Ron Wasserman to produce new rock songs, we are proving the power of the Ozone brand and producing new and exciting music."

"This album is great!" exclaimed Jerry Buckner. "Sure, it's pretty much the same as our last album. But look, this time it has a pink bow! That makes it totally different."

All eight of the songs from the album will take advantage of the new features introduced into the series by Rock Band 3, including Pro Drums, Standard and Pro Keyboard, and Vocal Harmonies. Although being called "sets", the songs will only be available as single song downloads due to the Rock Band Network's limitations. The release date for both sets are still undetermined.

The album includes eight brand new songs about the hottest game franchises, each including sound effects taken straight from the games:

The "Ms. Pac-Man Fever" album will be distributed this summer exclusively by Ozone Records through iTunes and the Rock Band Network. It will be priced at $1.99 per track or $15.49 for the entire album.

For more information, visit http://www.ozoneent.com/ and http://www.bucknergarcia.com/.

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