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Brand New Buckner & Garcia Track Debuts, Based on Giant Bomb

The "Pac-Man Fever" duo teams up with us to bring this stupidly awesome idea to life.

By Owen Douglass | September 9, 2011

Wizards, explosions, references to stabbing dudes in the face and neck. What more would you want?

Don't joke about things with us. Because we might be crazy enough to pull them off.

In late June, we joined up with Giant Bomb to help promote the RBN release of Pac-Man Fever Set 1 with a Pac-Man Scrub League, having people in the office play classic Pac-Man on a horrible fight stick. During the show, Jerry Buckner & Gary Garcia got a chance to talk about the origins of "Pac-Man Fever" and about their upcoming mobile game.

The following week on the Giant Bombcast, their weekly podcast, Ryan Davis made a joking comment that Buckner & Garcia should make a song about Giant Bomb. Unfortunately for them, we heard this and thought it was crazy enough to work. We called up the duo and pitched them the idea. For some reason, they agreed to do it, and we went them over all of our ideas. Features, memes, events - we wanted to make sure this song captured what Giant Bomb was all about. And what we ended up we are extremely happy with.

During the Whiskey Media Big Live Live Show, we not only revealed the song's existence but also that it will be a special addition to Pac-Man Fever Set 2 on the Rock Band Network. It will be available next month on the Xbox 360 with a possible release on the Playstation 3 later. The mp3 of the song will be available soon on Giant Bomb's Web site for free.

UPDATE: You can get the mp3 of the song here - http://media.giantbomb.com/bc/BucknerAndGarcia-FoundMeTheBomb.mp3.