Get Involved

Ozone Radio is all about the Ozone community. You guys and girls help shape the station, from the songs that are played to the voices that are heard over the air. We have a variety of ways for you to get involved and do your part to make Ozone Radio the best radio station ever.

Request Songs

Are we not playing what you like? Well, we can't read your mind. But we can read your tweets.

Head over to Twitter and send us a tweet @OzoneRadio with the song title and artist you think we should put on the air. We'll take all of your suggestions and add them into the normal rotation. The next time you hear that certain song start playing, you'll know that it was you who made it happen.

Send Us a Bumper

Ever here those short audio clips of someone telling you what station you're listening to in between songs? Those are called bumpers, and we think they are awesome. But what would be more awesome is if you sent us one of your own!

Send us a 10-second mp3 file of you telling us who you are an what station they're listening to (HINT: It's Ozone Radio). If you're from a certain Web site, band, or company feel free to include that in your introduction in the bumper. Such as "This is _____ from _______, and you're listening to Ozone Radio!"

Email us the bumper to and be sure to include "Ozone Radio Bumper" in the subject line. We'll be sure to get it in the rotation as soon as we can.

Become a DJ

Are you interesting? Do you think you could fill an hour or two with good music and fun discussion? Then we have a spot for you on our weekly schedule.

If you would like to run a show on Ozone Radio, email us at with "DJ Request" in the subject. In the email, include the name of your show, your DJ name, what the show would be about, what kind of music you would play, and what day and time you would prefer. If we like the cut of your jib, we'll get back to you and set up an audition show to see if you have what it takes.