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  • Episode 106: Laser Zeppelin Hard On
    Fresh off their Thanksgiving break, The Echo Crew is back to catch you up on what you've missed! Topics include: Bowling, prounouncing meme, Typewriter, South Park, the Star Wars teaser, a punk rock musical, Homestar no...
    Posted 12/08/14

  • Episode 105: Adult Job for Grown Up Money
    Jeff prepares to fly to Florida to hang out with Rhythm Bastard, but he's missing the Wii U Launch of Smash! Topics include: Smash Bros on Wii U, mobile games that are totally legal, freemium games, card games, Twitch a...
    Posted 11/25/14

  • Episode 104: The Eric and Erich Show II
    This week is the return of everyone's favorite zany morning show! Topics include: professional wrestling, making music, Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh, Craigslist, WrestleMania XXVII, Sonic Boom, speedruns, and more!
    Posted 11/17/14

  • Episode 103: Echo Inferno: We're Breaking So Many Fire Codes Right Now
    Come one, come all! Jeff is out this week, but Paolo is back! Topics include: the mid-term elections, legalizing pot, setting things on fire, freemium living, Scott Perry, Paolo's trip to Geek Media Expo, and more!
    Posted 11/10/14

  • Episode 102: Old N Sexy Presents: Pale Pudgy Nipples
    The Echo Crew is still on a sugar rush from Halloween, and still looking for a replacement for The Dead Kennedys. Topics include: Homestar Runner's return, Halloween stuff, Sarah Silverman, Twitch streamers, jams, and m...
    Posted 11/03/14

  • Episode 101: I Came to See Goatse and I am Very Disappointed
    Spookiness is in the air. It must be Halloween Week! Topics include: Jeff's weird Halloween, fall time, the latest Smash Bros news, Mario Kart 8 DLC, people spells, crappy governors, Geoff Keighley, and more!
    Posted 10/28/14

  • Episode 100: Big Anime Wants You to Celebrate 100 Episodes
    Big Anime wants to believe that Heel Turn invades the 100th episode of Echo Chamber in a Crisis on Infinite Zone-casts. Big Anime also wants you to believe they didn't play Smash Bros. during the recording of the episod...
    Posted 10/21/14

  • Episode 99: I Can't Believe We Talked About That Shit for an Hour
    This week it's just Jeff and Rhythm Bastard holding things down. Topics include: White people solving all the problems, Smash Bros, Magic stuff, wrestling, Glee, old cartoons coming back, and more!
    Posted 10/14/14

  • Episode 98: We Don't Need More Mercury in Our Pockets
    This week, The Echo Crew is joined by special guest and the CEO of RCRDBox, Zoey Landon! Topics include: Siri, smartphones, alternate universes, becoming a meme, the death of RBN, and more!
    Posted 09/29/14

  • Episode 97: The Duck Hunt Dog is Getting a Little Too Real
    It's another Echo-sode of the Echo Chamber! Topics include: The Deadpool movie, Destiny raids, Final Fantasy, speedrunning menus, U2, more Smash Bros. talk, iPhone 6, stream ads, and more!
    Posted 09/23/14

  • Episode 96: Five Cost Starving Buzzard
    It's another games-centric week on The Echo Chamber! Topics include: Smash Bros hype, Persona, Bravely Default, county music, Rocksmith, and more!
    Posted 09/15/14

  • Episode 95: We're Not Gonna Name the Child New 3DS
    This week the Echo Crew starts with sports, then devolves into food talk. Topics include: the new 3DS, football, speed golf, food serving sizes, gibbles, burgers, corporate Twitters, and more!
    Posted 09/08/14

  • Episode 94: Pie Rights Activists
    This week Jeff is missing, but it won't stop the Smash Bros. and general Nintendo talk! Topics include: Roster leaks, Jigglypuff, Pokken, Pokemon Snap, non-gaming adventures, scary games, and more!
    Posted 09/03/14

  • Episode 93: Damn You, Scooby Doo
    MYSTAKIN IS REALLY ANGRY. Topics include: Zoe Quinn, Rhythm Bastard is a White Heterosexual Male, JonTron, Kung Pow, Weird Al music videos, Kaijudo, and more!
    Posted 08/27/14

  • Episode 92: All This Fuck-Off Equipment for What
    Jeff is missing this week, so the remaining Echo Crew discuss the madness in Ferguson.
    Posted 08/19/14

  • Episode 91: I Really Think You Have a Case
    The internet is a weird place. The Echo Crew tackles some of the latest headlines! Topics include: The Twitch Disaster, copyright, Justin.tv, Larry Bird, monkey selfies, and more!
    Posted 08/19/14

  • Episode 90: Why Did Shamu???????
    Paolo is missng this week, but that doesn't mean the fun stops! Topics include: Abracadabralifornia, the Facebook Messenger app, Android phones, internet in the middle of nowhere, Deadpool, EA All Access, looking up Sha...
    Posted 08/04/14

  • Episode 89: Speedgaming
    This week, the gang's all here to talk about video games with a side of music! Topics include: Dragonforce, the Hearthstone expansion, Fred Durst streaming video games, ghost sharks, Chrono Trigger, and more!
    Posted 07/28/14

  • Episode 88: Who Knows What Moms Are?
    The Echo Crew have made a drinking game for the podcast! This episode might kill you. Topics include: DashCon, MomCon, MILFs, Weird Al, Star Wars, the Destiny Beta, Cards Against Humanity, and more!
    Posted 07/21/14

  • Episode 87: Please Kickstart My Dickbutt Mod
    Jeff is absent this week, and Mystakin keeps listing drinks from a web site. Topics include: moving, drinks named after video games, beer, WWE's Emma saga, and more!
    Posted 07/14/14

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