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  • Episode 9: Tuna Fish, or Strategies to Beat Us at Score Wars
    This week The Echo Crew gets Blitzed! Rock Band Blitz just came out, and since everyone on the show works on the Rock Band Network it only makes sense that they talk about their experience with it and their take on the s...
    Posted 09/04/12

  • Episode 8: Hangin' Out with Hefner
    Hey, the entire Echo Crew showed up this week! In this episode they cover bad songs by good artists, because even your favorite bands drops a crappy record every now and then. Topics include: "Hey Jude", Dubstep Muse, ...
    Posted 08/27/12

  • Episode 7: Musical Unitegrity
    This week The Echo Crew sells out! You knew they'd do anything for the Ozone Bucks(TM). AnimeCow isn't present, so he's not getting in on these sweet deals. His loss. Topics include: doing drugs on a Carnival Cruise, ...
    Posted 08/20/12

  • Episode 6: Never Too Young to Be Creepy About Britney Spears
    This week, it's all about Auto-Tune! You know, that thing cheaters use to cheat. The Echo Crew sit down and discuss their views on this piece of technology, which they personally would never use. Topics include: Cher be...
    Posted 08/13/12

  • Episode 5: Don't Start No Stuff, Won't Be No Stuff
    This week the Echo Crew is down to three again. And no, AnimeCow does not randomly show up this time. In this episode the dynamic trio discusses Pop music! Topics include: Their high salary working on this podcast, the C...
    Posted 08/06/12

  • Episode 4: You Must Be This Bisexual To Go On This Rollercoaster
    Have you ever heard or said the phrase "I listen to everything except country/rap"? The Echo Crew have. This week they delve into why you should open up your musical taste and stop being a generalizing jerk. Topics inc...
    Posted 07/30/12

  • Episode 3: What's Dave Matthews Band All About?
    In this episode, the Echo Crew is missing two members until AnimeCow magically shows up 9 minutes into the show out of nowhere. Don't ask how or why. After that, the Crew discusses covers! Topics include: Weird Al is aw...
    Posted 07/23/12

  • Episode 2: Grind Session
    This week, the Echo Crew kickflips to benihana to Christ air as they discuss the soundtracks of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games in preparation for the new HD release. Topics include Goldfinger (because of course), the awe...
    Posted 07/16/12

  • Episode 1: SummerJams, Presented by Stamps.com
    In the pilot episode, the Echo Crew discuss NPR's list of SummerJams, propose their own jams, look back at the Digimon movie soundtrack, educate AnimeCow on the origins of reggae, become corporate shills, and more!
    Posted 07/07/12

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