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About the Show

Heel Turn is a live weekly wrestling podcast that covers the latest news and storylines from WWE and NXT. Owen and John discuss the matches and stories that matter from Raw and SmackDown, as well as break down episodes of NXT. In addition to the normal podcast episodes, they also do a bonus Fantasy Booking episode the week before a WWE Pay-Per-View where they brainstorm the most insane and twisted version of the event for your entertainment.

Heel Turn broadcasts live every Thursday night at 8:00PM Eastern at http://www.justin.tv/ozoneent.


  • 10/08/14
    With John out, Owen brings in Giant Bomb moderator Trace "Two Scoops" Evans to talk about the 2015 Royal Rumble, Wyatt rumors, Mizdow and Enzo's greatness, and more!
    Posted 10/09/14

  • 10/01/14
    Owen and John discuss GFW Presents NJPW, Hulk Hogan in Crazy Taxi, pitch an 30-Man Andre the Giant Memorial AgroCrag, and more!
    Posted 10/02/14

  • 09/24/14
    We launched a web site! Owen and John lay out the plan for ProWrestling.Cool, as well as recap Night of Champions and the latest in NXT.
    Posted 09/25/14

  • 09/18/14
    Owen and John step away from SuperCard to discuss NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way, Raw being the worst, and attempt to be interested in Night of Champions.
    Posted 09/19/14

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