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About the Show

Heel Turn is a live weekly wrestling podcast that covers the latest news and storylines from WWE and NXT. Owen and John discuss the matches and stories that matter from Raw and SmackDown, as well as break down episodes of NXT. In addition to the normal podcast episodes, they also do a bonus Fantasy Booking episode the week before a WWE Pay-Per-View where they brainstorm the most insane and twisted version of the event for your entertainment.

Heel Turn broadcasts live every Thursday night at 8:00PM Eastern at http://www.justin.tv/ozoneent.


  • 07/03/14
    Owen and John are joined by AnimeCow hot off attending Money in the Bank to discuss the show, EmmaGate, the return of Enzo Amore, and more!
    Posted 07/05/14

  • Fantasy Booking: WWE Money in the Bank 2014
    Fantasy Booking returns! Owen and John discuss the best possible version of the Pay-Per-View, including video game cross-branding, crazy heel turns, helicopters, and more!
    Posted 06/26/14

  • 06/25/14
    John and Owen prepare for Sunday's Money in the Bank PPV with their predictions, gloating about creating the Vaudevillains, how WWE is screwing up Daniel Bryan, and more!
    Posted 06/26/14

  • 06/19/14
    SailorSwayze (Meg Lovell) joins Owen and John once again to discuss wrestling, include RKOing a basketball, Stardust being amazing, who will be in the contract ladder match, six-sided rings, and more!
    Posted 06/20/14

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