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Heel Turn


  • 07/03/14
    Owen and John are joined by AnimeCow hot off attending Money in the Bank to discuss the show, EmmaGate, the return of Enzo Amore, and more!
    Posted 07/05/14

  • Fantasy Booking: WWE Money in the Bank 2014
    Fantasy Booking returns! Owen and John discuss the best possible version of the Pay-Per-View, including video game cross-branding, crazy heel turns, helicopters, and more!
    Posted 06/26/14

  • 06/25/14
    John and Owen prepare for Sunday's Money in the Bank PPV with their predictions, gloating about creating the Vaudevillains, how WWE is screwing up Daniel Bryan, and more!
    Posted 06/26/14

  • 06/19/14
    SailorSwayze (Meg Lovell) joins Owen and John once again to discuss wrestling, include RKOing a basketball, Stardust being amazing, who will be in the contract ladder match, six-sided rings, and more!
    Posted 06/20/14

  • 06/12/14
    John and Owen are stuck in the darkest timeline, as they discuss Black Thursday as 11 WWE employees got the axe, including JTG. We thought this day would never come.
    Posted 06/13/14

  • 06/05/14
    Owen and John recap WWE Payback, NXT Takeover, Seth Rollins' HEEL TURN, and more!
    Posted 06/08/14

  • NXT Takeover Pre-Show
    For the first time, Heel Turn went in video form! John and Owen broke down the NXT Takeover show and got you set for a fun night of wrestling.
    Posted 05/30/14

  • 05/22/14
    Despite some technical difficulties due to John's dying computer, he and Owen cover the WWE financial call, Paul Heyman's Main Event, E3, England crowds, and more!
    Posted 05/23/14

  • 05/15/14
    John and Owen are back together again! This week they talk about virtual reality, the NBCU Upfronts, DS Punk, The Shield being ninjas, and more!
    Posted 05/16/14

  • 05/08/14
    With John out sick, Owen is joined by Mystakin to break down Extreme Rules, get hyped for Alexa Bliss, and look back at when wrestling had hard rules.
    Posted 05/09/14

  • 05/01/14
    John tags in former roommates Will and Max for an intelligent discussion of the finer points of WWE financial reports, Extreme Rules, Trials Frontier, the Air Bud filmography, 2014ís latest Future Endeavors, swamp hating, and your newest million dollar idea.
    Posted 05/04/14

  • 04/24/14
    Despite techical difficulties halfway through, Owen and John discuss The Streak, NXT Takeover being announced, why Cena is dragging down Bray Wyatt, and more!
    Posted 04/25/14

  • 04/17/14
    It was a year ago today we started this podcast! Thank you everyone who has stayed with us. This week we cover bunnies, Main Event, the improvement of the Divas division, Evolution, and more!
    Posted 04/18/14

  • 04/10/14
    What a wild week in wrestling! Owen and John discuss WrestleMania, Cesaro's push, Wyatts/Cena, The NXT Invasion, WWE stocks, and more!
    Posted 04/11/14

  • 04/03/14 - WrestleMania XXX Roundtable
    Days before WrestleMania XXX, Owen and John are joined by The Echo Chamber's Mystakin and Rhythm Bastard to discuss the build for the card, expectations from the WWE Network, WrestleMania memories, and more!
    Posted 04/04/14

  • 04/01/14
    It's WrestleMania Week! For Part 1 of our coverage, Owen and John discuss this week's episode of Raw and it's Mania implications. Oh, this all happens in the Fantasy Booking universe because it's April Fools Day.
    Posted 04/01/14

  • 03/27/14
    This week, AnimeCow makes a SURPRISE return to join Owen before vanishing halfway through. Mystakin shows up for a bit too. Welcome to the Road to WrestleMania! BONUS: John reports his live experience at Raw.
    Posted 03/31/14

  • 03/20/14
    This week Owen and John discuss AMC rumors, the WWE tag division magically turning around, Triple H burying EVERYONE, and more!
    Posted 03/21/14

  • 03/13/14
    This week Owen and John discuss the current state of WWE's tag team division, Daniel Bryan's YEScapades, Tensai's name change, updates on the WWE Network, and more!
    Posted 03/14/14

  • 03/06/14
    This week Owen and John discuss the NXT ArRIVAL live experience, The Chicago RAW crowd, Main Event going live, the greatest entrance ever, and more!
    Posted 03/07/14

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